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Richard Gere: People aren't likeable

Richard Gere says most people are "kind of a**holes".

The legendary Hollywood actor joked that he warmed to the character he plays in his latest movie Arbitrage.

In his most recent work Richard stars as a self-made titan of high finance, whose flaws are what make him believable.

"My character is an alpha personality in the world of finance, which is the business of New York and, really, America. You could go whole-hog and make him a very dark character, or you could say, 'He's a real a**hole, but I kind of like him,'" Richard joked to W Magazine. "And that's the way people are in the real world: We're all kind of a**holes, but we kind of like each other anyhow."

The 63-year-old has been cast in similar roles throughout his lengthy career. Richard's ability to make a despicable character seductive is one of the reasons Giorgio Armani was lured to America. This followed the famous fashion designer watching Richard's 1980 movie American Gigolo in which he played a poetic hustler.

"At that point, I didn't even know how to wear a suit or tie a tie. But I learned - the character in American Gigolo presented himself through that boyish essence," Richard laughed as he remembered. "And it was sexy stuff."

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