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Richard Hammond’s space ambitions

Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond would like to study physics now his time on the show is over.

The 45-year-old hosted his last ever edition of Top Gear on Sunday alongside James May. Now that his time on the BBC2 motoring show is over, he is turning his attention to physics and possibly a trip to space.

“I haven’t studied in a long time but the last thing I did was all the stuff for my helicopter licence. There’s a lot of elemental physics in that. I loved the process of coming home with a massive pile of books and revising,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “Space certainly beckons, doesn’t it? I think it would be astonishing and possibly offer a life-changing perspective on things.”

Richard has made forays into the word of science with programmes such as Brainiac and Science of Stupid. And he’s as interested in the genre just as much as he is motors.

“I’m fascinated by science. It’s about why things do what they do – why stuff works, why it doesn’t – and I think it’s something that we tend to exclude ourselves from,” he explained. “I know a lot of the shows I’ve done have been shown in schools and that’s fantastic. You think there’s some child who’s watching who thinks, ‘Ha, that’s really funny, oh is that why it happens?’ It’s something they can process that is relevant to them.”

Richard and James both left Top Gear after their fellow co-host Jeremy Clarkson was sacked following a fracas with a producer.

Chris Evans has been announced as a replacement but rumours still circulate over his co-hosts. Luther star Idris Elba is one name doing the rounds, but the actor has denied any involvement in the show.

“No, I’m an actor. I haven’t done much presenting,” he told The Sun.

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