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Richie’s latest ‘obsession’

Nicole Richie has a couple of reptilian additions to her family – whether she likes it or not.

The 32-year-old star shares two children, four-year-old Sparrow and six-year-old Harlow, with husband Joel Madden.

The family recently welcomed a couple of unexpected additions to the family, and now Nicole is taking care of a pair of reptiles after their son lost interest.

Asked by America’s People magazine about her “last obsession”, Nicole exclaimed, “Turtles!”

“We got two for Sparrow's birthday,” she explained. “He loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that turned into a love of real turtles. But now he has moved on, and I am stuck with them. I even joined a turtle forum and read about other people's turtle drama. My turtles are surprisingly fast.”

With a full house, Nicole still manages to make time for herself. The star sees the sunrise nearly every day, and treats the time as a form of meditation.

“I am up before the sun every morning,” she said. “I like a good hour by myself while everyone is still sleeping. I go out in the garden, relax and have some hot water with lemon. Just take some quiet time before I start my day.”

There may not be much more downtime ahead, as Nicole is now gearing up for her reality TV comeback.

The star’s AOL series based on her Twitter feed, #CandidlyNicole, was recently picked up by executives at VH1.

“The show is based off my tweets. I try and find the humour in something pretty much every day… each episode starts with one of my tweets,” she told Extra about the show earlier this year.

The eight-episode series for VH1 is scheduled to premiere July 17

Nicole is also executive producing the series, alongside Michael Baum and Carrie Franklin, and with Susan Levison, Jull Holmes and Kristen Kelly for the network.

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