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Ricky Gervais: I love a work moan

Ricky Gervais is pleased with how "poignant" scenes involving Robin Williams in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb are.

The 53-year-old star returns as Dr. McPhee in the third movie in the franchise, which also stars Ben Stiller and the late Robin Williams, as well as newcomers Rebel Wilson and Dan Stevens.

Ricky loved bringing the museum curator back to the big screen, not least because it meant getting the old gang back together.

"It was nice to come back together. I've missed having a regular job, where you go to the bar every night and b***h about the boss," he laughed to Us Weekly magazine.

Robin died in August aged 63 and this is one of the last times he'll be seen on the big screen. He has several scenes which are sure to give viewers a lump in their throats; something even Ricky wasn't immune to when he was watching the final result.

"Yes. It's particularly poignant because of Robin [Williams]. It was one of his last films, and he's brilliant. He was the loveliest man," he said.

The British star made his name in TV, famously creating UK show The Office, which was then reimagined with Steve Carell for the US audience. Even though he's made the move onto the big screen now, Ricky still has a great deal of time for TV. In fact there's one show he is particularly jealous of - Netflix original House of Cards.

"[It] is too good. I'm jealous of Kevin Spacey. I love looking at the camera, and he gets to look at the camera in the best TV drama of the year. It's not fair!" he joked.

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