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Ricky Gervais: Phones are like dolls

Ricky Gervais thinks iPhones are "Barbie Dolls for grown men".

The British comedian is famed for being outspoken with his views. Ricky has joked that Apple's smartphone is just a toy for the older male population.

"iPhones are Barbie Dolls for grown men. You carry them round, dress them up in little outfits, accessorise, & get a new one every year (sic)," he quipped on social networking site Twitter.

Apple are releasing the new iPhone 5 later this month. Ricky has joked about the much-anticipated global reveal.

"Can't wait to read all the forums and watch all the YouTube videos of white men with glasses unwrapping the new iPhone and taking us thru it (sic)," he wrote.

Ricky also shared his thoughts on DVD releases on his personal Twitter page. The actor finds it funny when iconic films get rubbished for their not so impressive extra features.

"My favourite reviews are of DVDs. Love it when something like Godfather II gets 3 & a half stars because the bonus material let it down. Ha (sic)," he wrote.

Ricky - famed for his controversial hosting - will be amongst a roster of several comedians who will present at the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards on September 23.

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