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Ricky Gervais reveals Rocky workout

Ricky Gervais found it funny when he was teased for being overweight in the press.

The comedian has recently lost a significant amount of weight. He has reflected on an unflattering photo taken before he slimmed down that was accompanied by the caption ‘iPodge’.

Ricky joked he liked being mocked in this way as it spurred him to diet.

“No I thought it was funny! I think I put out a message when I was getting fat for everyone to shout at me in street because I needed a kick up the a**e. I got fat because I ate too much and didn’t do enough exercise,” he laughed to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. “People who say it’s glandular, one per cent of weight gain is glandular. People who say it's big bones, well it's big bones covered in meat and gravy. I still eat too much, but the next day I work out like Rocky.”

Ricky phoned into the radio show from his home in Hampstead, London. He joked the upmarket area suffered when he moved in, as he lacks the class of his neighbours.

“I’m in my study. I call it a study, but really it’s a big room where you put everything you don’t want on display. Like a garage in the house. I’m in sunny Hampstead in London and yes, if I’m here then it’s very, very fancy. Actually it WAS really fancy until I turned up. I felt like a lottery winner turning up and ruining everyone’s peace and tranquillity,” he joked.

“I feel like a white trash lottery winner. It’s like something’s happened, where due to a clerical error I’ve become king and they have to honour it, and then the first thing I did was turn the house into a McDonald’s and a huge bowling alley.”

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