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Ricky Gervais revels in creating controversial jokes

Ricky Gervais is feeling apprehensive about his return to stand-up comedy, joking that "even standing up is out of my comfort zone now!"

Ricky Gervais enjoys the "adrenaline rush" of not knowing how successful his jokes will be.

The 54-year-old comedian is known for his controversial sense of humour and has hit headlines hosting the Golden Globe awards four times, most recently in January (16).

But Ricky insists it's the uncertainty about how his comedy will be taken that makes him love it so much.

"I like that adrenaline rush of not knowing whether it's going to go well or not knowing what you're going to say," Ricky admitted during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (25Apr16).

The Office creator first made a name for himself as a comedian before concentrating on his small screen roles and making a move into Hollywood films. But now he's set to make a return to stand-up, as he will be performing several test gigs in May (16).

The prospect is certainly a daunting one for Ricky, who joked: "I haven't done stand up in six years, unless you count the Golden Globes, which was me insulting people for three hours.

"Even standing up is a little out of my comfort zone now..."

However, coming up with concepts for his shows isn't something Ricky struggles with, as he is often struck by an idea for a gag while out and about. And it's his long-term girlfriend Jane Fallon who acts as the guinea pig for his comedy.

"I don't really sit down and write stand up like that, like you do a TV (show) or a film... You get some ideas and also you get them when you're relaxing," he explained. "Like I'll be watching TV and I'll get an idea or when I'm playing (games) because the phone doesn't ring or when I'm out running I'll have an idea, I think of a routine then I come back and I'll tell my girlfriend it, and she says, 'Please don't do that in public'. And then I know it must be OK!"

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