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Monday 21 April 2014

Rihanna and Cara 'plan 500k holiday'


Rihanna and Cara Delevingne have reportedly splashed out $467,580 on a two-week break on a super-yacht.

The singer and model have become close friends in recent months, and often meet up when they are in the same city. It now seems the pair want to spend more time together and have splashed out £300,000 on hiring a super-yacht for a two-week trip to the south of France.

They will travel around the French Riviera in the luxury vessel and want the vacation to be the trip of a lifetime. Rihanna and Cara have reportedly decided to spend a further £200,000 on partying, fancy restaurants and clubbing.

“It will be no-holds barred and they’re spending more than half a million on the yacht rental and on going to top clubs and restaurants,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “It’ll be non-stop booze and they are already saying they’re not going to get much sleep - maybe a couple of hours each night.”

Not content with two weeks in the sunshine, Rihanna has also invited 20-year-old Cara to spend a long weekend at her home in Barbados.

“Cara and Rihanna have booked the holiday after agreeing they don’t need men in their lives to have fun. They’re going to rent a yacht in the south of France at the end of August, when Rihanna has a two-week break in her tour, and then fly out to the Caribbean,” the source added. “They plan to relax when they get to Barbados.”

Rihanna, 25, also holidayed in the south of France last summer. She invited a group of her friends to party with her on a yacht and apparently they had such a good time that staff couldn’t sleep.

Her tab is said to have included 25 bottles of champagne, 60 bottles of Peroni and Corona and ten bottles of tequila.

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