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Rihanna and Chris Brown won't get back together

Rihanna and Chris Brown are "unlikely" to become a couple again following their recent secret hook-ups.

The musical superstars split three years ago after an argument turned violent. Rihanna and Chris have reportedly been seeing each other again, meeting up regularly over the past 12 months.

Although the pair have rekindled their romance, it is doubtful that they will become serious again.

"They have probably hooked up no more than half a dozen times in the past year. It's very unlikely that Rihanna and Chris would ever get back together though," a source told RadarOnline.

Following the 2009 altercation, Chris was charged with assaulting the pop beauty and served with a restraining order.

Rihanna does not feel victimised any longer and is not interested in what people think about her alleged romance with Chris.

"Rihanna doesn't care if she were to get public backlash if they were to reconcile, she is the one calling the shots now, which she likes," the source explained. "Rihanna knows that if they were to get back together, she wouldn't be able to maintain that strong role, and Chris would lose interest. They are both very young, and Rihanna would never be able to trust Chris because he has problems staying faithful."

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