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Rihanna: Diana was gangster

Rihanna is a huge fan of Britain's late Princess Diana.

The 25-year-old singer is renowned for playing around with her style and has discussed who inspires her in the November edition of Glamour magazine.

Asked who is her biggest fashion icon, Rihanna didn't hesitate with her reply.

"You know who is the best who ever did it? Princess Diana," she exclaimed. "She was like - she killed it. Every look was right. She was gangsta with her clothes. She had these crazy hats. She got oversize jackets. I loved everything she wore!"

Rihanna touched on many different subjects during the interview, getting deep at times.

She famously reconciled with Chris Brown earlier this year, a move which was criticised as he beat her when they first dated. They are no longer together and the star admits she is having to get to know herself again at the moment.

"I had to regain my fearlessness because it did go away for a little bit. My mother said something to me a few years ago: 'I’ve seen something in your eyes I’ve never seen before: fear.' She was like, 'No, this is not you.' I just got back to being OK with myself," she explained.

The singer added that she is currently single and although she would love children, family life isn't on the cards for her at the moment as she doesn't have a man.

Rihanna was born Robyn Fenton and comes from Barbados, which she still classes at home. While many of her fans feel they know everything about her, the star wouldn't agree.

"When people call me Robyn, my head just flies around because I feel like that person knows me. But Rihanna, that tends to be people’s own [creation]. Robyn is who I am. Rihanna - that’s an idea of who I am," she explained.

The star doesn't know if she will ever get used to the fame which comes with being Rihanna. She recently claimed she has become "square" during a UK TV interview, insisting she doesn't party much anymore. It seems there is more to that decision than simply disliking club music.

"There’s stuff like not being able to walk around as I please," she replied, when asked if she feels trapped. "I feel like I’m being watched. Always. Like, I want to tan topless somewhere, and I know I probably could never do that. Even if I’m upstairs in my bedroom, and the curtains are pulled, I feel like a paparazzo’s outside on a boat somewhere or somebody’s peeping."

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