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Rihanna 'living her truth'

Rihanna is intent on "moving forward with the way she feels" despite criticism.

The pop superstar doesn't shy away from controversy.

Rihanna released two remixes earlier this year that featured her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who is still on probation for assaulting her a few years ago.

The singer stands by her decision, as she is committed to living authentically.

"Doing what you want means moving forward with the way you feel and living your truth," Rihanna told Extra. "Sometimes there are a lot of people who won't agree with you, but it has to be your truth."

Rihanna is rumoured to have had trysts with Ashton Kutcher in recent weeks. The star and her kin find this speculation to be absolutely hilarious.

"I took a picture with someone at the TIME 100 gala and I showed [my mother], and she said, 'Oh I thought it was Ashton! I thought it was Mr. Kutcher!' " Rihanna laughed. "She's funny. She's crazy. I love my mum."

Rihanna is preparing for the release of her film Battleship in May. The musician admits that the change in her career path will take some getting used to.

"That doesn't even sound right. That's so, so weird to hear actress next to my name," she said.

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