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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Rihanna 'spends $8,000 on strippers'


Rihanna was reportedly over generous with her cash in a strip club in Miami on Sunday.

The international superstar stopped in at strip bar King Of Diamonds in the early hours of Sunday morning, where insiders say the beauty was overly generous with her cash.

A source at the venue told TMZ that Rihanna "rained down eight grand on several dancers, including a girl named Remy Redd... one of the biggest strippers in Magic City".

The US website also obtained video footage of the star slipping money into a stripper's bikini bottoms as she gyrated on stage.

Sources say Rihanna initially dropped by to "see how the girls move to her music" and ended up enjoying her time in the strip club for a total of two-and-a-half hours.

Katy Perry allegedly joined her pal later in the night.

Rihanna shared her experience with her fans on Twitter, writing: "Lastnight one of my fantasies came to life! I got to see K.O.D strippers dance for me to the stripper song I made! #PoItTheF**kUp. Wild for the night, f**k being polite! (sic)"

Meanwhile, more video footage has been released of Rihanna enjoying another night out in a strip bar on Monday.

The 25-year-old singer spent the evening at Magic City in Atlanta after her concert at the Philips Arena.

In the grainy clip - taken inside the venue - Rihanna can be seen waving two stacks of one-dollar bills into the air, surrounded by other party-goers.

Rihanna took to her Twitter page during the raucous celebrations, writing: "Throw it up, Throw it up.... Watch it all fall out (sic)," accompanied by a picture of notes flying through the air.

She also shared a picture on the social networking site of her white stilettos amidst the dollar-littered floor, with the caption: "Bands make yo girl go dowwwwnnnnn... (sic)."

Rihanna is no stranger to strip clubs, and regularly tweets about her escapades in the racy venues.

Last year she wrote to her Twitter followers: "Best stress reliever= $tripper$. Kill it Tip it #Cake (sic)."

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