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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Ringo: Share my peace of the action

Ringo Starr has celebrated his 72nd birthday (AP)

The 60s mop top is gone, but Ringo Starr is still showing the peace sign.

The former Beatle marked his 72nd birthday in Nashville, Tennessee, by holding a "peace and love" moment at noon and asking people worldwide to do the same at 12pm in their own time zones.

Hundreds of fans joined Ringo at Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday, shouting "peace and love" at the magic hour and holding two fingers in the air.

Celebrities such as Vince Gill and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh surrounded him on stage. The crowd sang "happy birthday" and the chorus of Give Peace A Chance.

Organisers presented Ringo with a star magnolia tree that will be planted nearby. He also cut a cake shaped like a flower pot with a giant sunflower growing out of it.

Starr has previously held birthday celebrations in Chicago, New York and Hamburg, Germany.

The peace and love idea came to Ringo in 2008 when an interviewer asked him what he wanted for his birthday.

"It's sort of catching on more and more, the more we do," he said before this year's celebration. "We got lots of blogs from Japan and China and all over the world saying, 'We did peace and love'. So it's working."

One fan at the Hard Rock Cafe held up a sign declaring the last time she saw Ringo in person. He pointed to her and joked: "I hugged this woman in 1964 and she still can't get over it."

Starr is touring the US with his 13th All Starr Band and was performing at the Ryman Auditorium after the festivities.

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