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Rita Ora: I'm afraid to fail

Rita Ora is "scared of failure".

The 21-year-old star has had huge success with her music career.

Despite having a string of hits under her belt, the pop singer still worries she isn't good enough.

"I'm scared of a lot of things," Rita revealed to the British edition of Vogue magazine. "I'm most scared of failing, of disappointing people. That's it."

Rita, who is mentored by Jay-Z - manages to mask her insecurities with her confident public persona. But she admitted she flies into a panic if things don't go according to her career plan.

"Something's always gotta happen! You know when you've wanted something for so long?" Rita nervously said.

"You want it so much that it's not possible for it not to happen in your mind? But when it does happen you're not prepared for the actual experience."

The internationally recognised singer is still getting used to fame. She struggles to comprehend the reaction she gets from audiences at her sell-out performances.

"All these girls were coming up to me with tattoos of my name on their arm. Girls with blonde hair and red lips," Rita explained. "I couldn't believe the effect I'd had!"

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