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Friday 18 April 2014

Rita Ora pranks mom

Rita Ora

Rita Ora has pranked her mother, who couldn't hide her horror at the amount of "scandals" the star has been involved in.

The 21-year-old singer appeared on BBC Radio One this morning, where she was challenged to play a trick on her unsuspecting mom.

Rita jumped at the chance, agreeing to phone her parent and say something outlandish to see how she would react.

During the phone call, Rita broke the made-up news that her "bum fell out of her trousers" while she had been taking trash out. She claimed that as she inadvertently flashed her derriere, waiting paparazzi managed to get a picture.

Rita's mother was not impressed.

"Why did you take the rubbish out?" she fumed. "There is a porter upstairs! You're stupid, you did it on purpose, you idiot! You can't be doing all these scandals in the papers."

Rita couldn't help giggling as she was chastised by her relative, which only made her mother more irritated. After admonishing the youngster for finding the situation funny, she again reminded her not to take her own rubbish out of her apartment.

"Why did you have your bum out? Why were you on the street? You're not allowed on the street," she said.

Rita's mom wasn't angry for too long though, soothing her daughter that she wasn't "the biggest disgrace in the family" after the musician asked if she was disappointed.

Although the incident was a joke this time around, Rita recently got in trouble with her mother for real.

Earlier this month, the star accidentally exposed her breast while performing. It was the second time her top had failed to stay in place and the singer decided to let her mother know before the images were published.

"She just said, 'For God's sake! When are you going to start wearing a bra, Rita?' I had an outfit and t*t tape ready but didn't have time to change," the star laughed.

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