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Rita Wilson: Health scare made me more positive

American star Rita Wilson felt overwhelmed by the support from fans after she underwent a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction following her cancer diagnosis.

Actress Rita Wilson has learned to say "no" more since recovering from breast cancer.

The American star celebrates her birthday on October 26 (15) and has used the occasion to reflect on her life. In April this year (15) Rita announced she had been diagnosed with the life-threatening disease and she underwent a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction in order to get better. Now in a healthier place, the 59-year-old actress values the lessons she took with her from the life-altering experience.

"I have learned to say 'no' more," she told Huff/Post50. "I have a feeling of wanting to shed unnecessary things. A positive attitude can make a world of difference going through the long process of bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. There is so much goodness out there. I was overwhelmed by the love and support I felt from people I had never met but posted on my Twitter or Facebook."

Acceptance is what helped get her through the tough time, as well as speaking to survivors who had gone through the same procedure. Her family played a big part in things too, with husband Tom Hanks and sons Chet and Truman keeping her spirits up throughout.

"My husband, kids and friends kept me laughing and strong," she smiled. "I have been meditating twice a day. I thank God every day for being on this earth and for all the many blessings in my life."

Rita fully accepts ageing as she approaches 60. She wants other women to feel the same and not worry about growing older, as it's something that can't be avoided.

"Really, fear getting older?" she mused when asked what advice she has for those ladies. "I can't even conceive of that. And consider the alternative! I would say, embrace it all. You couldn't possibly know at 25 what you know today. How amazing is that?"

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