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Rita Wilson talks technology liberation

Rita Wilson uses a meditation app regularly when she feels the need to relax.

The 58-year-old actress, who is wife to fellow actor Tom Hanks, doesn’t like to be plugged in all the time.

Rita needs to disconnect from technological communication every so often to remain sane, as she finds herself compulsively using her gizmos when restraint is not enforced.

"By choosing how to connect and when to connect liberates me just enough to feel like I can let go of the pull of that pretty little 'ding,' " she wrote in an essay penned for the Huffington Post. "I can take naps. I can ponder. I can relax.

“I have found that when I hold my phone I check it. I have learned if you leave your phone in another room and hold a book instead, those caresses for your screen turn into delicate affection for book pages.”

But this doesn’t mean Rita is against things like smartphones, iPads or other machines that keep the world connected.

In fact she is fond of quite a few apps.

"I use an app for meditation, an app for checking how many steps I have walked, and an app for how many calories I have burned. I have a group text with family so wherever anyone is in the world we stay connected," she detailed. "It's not all bad. Everything in moderation. So, go ahead. Check email. Not too much. Mostly rest.”

Rita might need to use her smartphone very often at the moment, as she has quite a lot lined up professionally.

She just completed work on feature film drama Kiss Me and she is currently shooting Brother in Laws and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

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