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Rivera’s ‘nesting high’

Naya Rivera believes stepping into her third trimester has brought out the do-it-yourself instincts the star was unaware she possessed.

The 28-year-old Glee singer is currently expecting her first child with husband Ryan Dorsey.

Naya loves having entered her third trimester of pregnancy because she is now more productive than ever.

“First on the list was a major baby prep, otherwise known as nesting,” she explained in a blog post for People magazine. “This is when your motherly instincts kick into high gear due to a cocktail of hormones causing you to become the master of almost any DIY project. I could be seen carrying almost everything we own out to the street to be thrown away. I needed less clutter and an entirely new decorating scheme, STAT.

“Once I came down from my nesting high, I turned my attention to the baby shower.”

Naya has dreamt of hosting the perfect baby shower since she was a little girl.

But some of the ideas she played around with in her youth had to be axed because of how insane they were.

“The planning of this event was usually fantasised about with my best friend while also planning our future weddings. ‘I want to have someone hand deliver the invitation as a message in a bottle … get it?!’ We would make lists of who we would invite, and things we would veto,” Naya recalled, before noting one of the wildest ideas she shared with her childhood friend. “‘How do we feel about the game where everyone eats sh*t (candy) out of a diaper?’ Of course times change and I didn’t stick to any of my childhood plans, but instead enlisted the help of a fabulous party planner, Sharon Sacks, and together we planned the most perfect day to celebrate baby Dorsey.”

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