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Rob Lowe rescued a shark

Rob Lowe relished the opportunity to work with his brother Chad on the Fox series The Grinder.

Rob Lowe came to the rescue of a trapped shark on a recent holiday.

The American actor embarked on a world tour with his wife Sheryl Berkoff and some friends, travelling to exotic destinations including the tropical island nation of the Maldives.

On the trip, Rob took up the opportunity to do some diving in the Indian Ocean and was taken to a cave, where sharks often dwell, by the dive master.

"There was a (Nurse) shark that had a hook in its mouth and a piece of line caught and it was hiding in a cave, so I went down and tried to get the hook out of its mouth," he said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night (05May16). "I pulled the line and then the dive master was able to cut it out."

While on Jimmy's show, the Parks and Recreation star also discussed his latest TV project, Fox show The Grinder. Rob appears in the series as Dean Sanderson, Jr., who returns to his native Idaho after his long-running television series, The Grinder, ends. Though Dean is not a lawyer, he believes that his experience playing one on television makes him qualified to practice law and decides to join his family's law firm.

One of the episodes was directed by Rob's brother Chad Lowe, and the relished the opportunity to work with his sibling.

"It was great because we have a total shorthand as brothers do," he said.

Rob, 52, added that the show became quite the family affair when his son John Owen Lowe made an onscreen appearance after a stint working on the programme as a writer's assistant.

But Rob admits he felt a little anxious for his son when they were working together.

"I get nervous for him. I'm starting to get to the point where I can look at him and act with him as just another actor, which I think is a great compliment to him," he said, adding he would prefer if his children didn't venture into show business.

"He's a smart kid, he was studying neuroscience and now he's going to wear make-up for a living! The world doesn't need more actors," he joked.

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