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Robert Carlyle: Twitter doppelgänger angered me

Robert Carlyle realised he had to check his fake Twitter when CNN informed him of it.

The Scottish star is known for his outspoken nature and used to be totally against using social media. So when previously informed of his supposed Twitter presence, Robert had to see the account for himself.

"People kept saying to me, 'You’re on Twitter.' Am I f**k. 'There’s someone pretending to be you.' It kept on coming, and then I was doing an interview on CNN and they say, 'Someone’s on Twitter impersonating you.' When CNN tells you, you have a look. So I made the fateful decision," he told British magazine ShortList, adding he discovered someone using his photo and name. "He had 5,000 followers! I thought, 'F**k this, I’d better do something about it.' The tweet that angered me was: 'Oh people remember.' What’s that about?"

However much he didn't like the site, Robert ended up making his own official page to stop impostors.

He may not speak passionately about the internet but the actor is happy to share details about his film projects. He's hoping to soon be working on a sequel to Danny Boyle's 1996 hit Trainspotting, which will be based on the original book's follow-up called Porno. Both novels were penned by Irvine Welsh and the next instalment takes place 20 years after the original.

Robert is aware of the issues surrounding the project though.

"One of the difficulties of just adapting Porno is that so much of it is to do with internet porn, which has moved on a lot since the book was written – or so I understand – so it would require a hefty rewrite," he explained. "It’s also difficult getting all our ships aligned at the same time. What I would say is that it’s closer than it’s ever been."

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