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Robert De Niro 'strict about cocktails'

Robert De Niro reportedly likes his "gin martinis" prepared in a very specific way.

The legendary actor allegedly has very specific instructions about how he likes his gin martinis to be made.

According to New York Post, the specifications were given to staff at a party last week just in case Robert made an appearance.

“Robert De Niro’s cocktail request," read the official cocktail brief given to staff at the Tribeca Film Festival party held at New York's DL Rooftop venue. "Bob likes gin martinis. For those, we’ll need gin, cucumbers and stemmed martini glasses. The key is just to have chilled stemmed martini glasses. The bartender should muddle a cucumber in the shaker and then mix with ice and gin. He or she should then SHAKE like crazy, an extra 30-45 seconds past the way they teach you in bartending school, so that little frothy chips form.”

Equally stern instructions explained what staff should not do when making the star's drink. Once the frothy chips were formed, bartenders should ensure just the right amount of liquid fills Robert's glass.

“No vermouth necessary,” they were instructed. “Don’t fill the glass all the way, only 2/3s at most so he doesn’t spill or it doesn’t get warm in his hand. You can garnish with a cucumber slice as well.”

In addition to his perfectly prepared martini, other requests from the star also had to be taken into consideration should he have attended the party.

Robert co-founded the Tribeca Film Festival in an effort to attract visitors back to Lower Manhattan following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and it is now in its 12th year.

It was thought Robert could appear at the event at any time due to his 1982 hit movie The King of Comedy closing the festival after it was re-mastered especially.

“[Robert would also like] a bottle of Veuve Clicquot [champagne] at hand,” the note finished.

Despite the preparations Robert reportedly didn’t attend the bash. A source close to the actor explained he was never officially scheduled to.

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