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Robert Duvall: My wife doesn’t listen!

Robert Duvall has spoken about how “tough” it was to star in new film Wild Horses alongside his wife Luciana Pedraza.

The 84-year-old actor has been married to Argentinian actress Luciana Pedraza since 2005.

The pair star alongside each other in new crime drama Wild Horses, which Robert also directed, and he admits filming the movie with his 43-year-old other half was a challenge.

“It's tough!” he told Extra. “It’s like playing doubles in tennis, she doesn’t listen to me, but that’s cause she’s from Northern Argentina, she’s got a strong mind of her own, but she’s a natural actress.”

However, there are times when the pair gel well while working together on set.

Robert directed Luciana in his 2012 romantic thriller Assassination Tango too, but shooting that movie was a totally different experience for the couple.

“She was in my Tango movie, got the best notices, never let me forget it, so it was great working with her,” he noted.

Robert’s new feature Wild Horses centres on a detective who opens up a 15-year-old missing persons case. When the investigator begins to suspect the missing person was killed by a local rancher, a slew of drama ensues.

Wild Horses also stars James Franco and Josh Hartnett, and Robert couldn’t be happier with the quality of his ensemble.

“It’s about a guy with a lot of faults who puts his son off the ranch for certain reasons when he’s younger, and they come back to read the will, and somebody disappeared,” Robert said of the movie’s plot. “It’s like a mystery. Texas Rangers are called in to help solve the case.

“James Franco, Josh Harnett, Adriana Barraza — she’s great, I call her the Eleanor Duse of Mexico, great actress, so we were fortunate.”

Wild Horses was released in theatres on Friday June 5.

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