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Robert Pattinson: New role is nuts

Robert Pattinson says his latest movie role is "nuts".

In Bel Ami the British actor portrays a young man who rises through the social ranks in Paris by manipulating a string of influential and wealthy women.

Best known for his role as love-struck vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, the 26-year-old insists the vast difference between the characters wasn't lost on him.

"The thing that stands out in the story in Bel Ami is just his behaviour - the women that he manages to screw over are all attracted to him to begin with, and so he starts having affairs with them and destroys their lives afterwards. That's kind of nuts," Robert told The Herald Scotland. "There is something quite fun about going from Edward Cullen to playing a guy who pretty much abuses women to get money out of them. Edward so wouldn't approve. So, yes, I thought that was a funny irony."

The Hollywood hunk also spoke about the double-sided sword that is the Twilight success.

While catapulting him to global fame, Robert confessed that his breakthrough role has also brought some downsides with it.

But he added that without the hit franchise, he suspects people wouldn't be interested in him.

"Doing something like Twilight opens doors and it closes others. You can say, 'Oh if I was still unknown, then no one would judge me,'" he said. "But at the same time, nobody would give a sh*t either. It's a weird little balance."

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