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Robert Pattinson 'takes romance stand'

Robert Pattinson has reportedly told Kristen Stewart he “isn’t the same guy” he was before she cheated on him.

The hunk has seemingly rekindled his romance with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, after she had an affair with married director Rupert Sanders last year. Robert and Kristen have been spending more time together, celebrating Kristen’s birthday last week and partying at the Coachella music festival.

Although they still have feelings for one another, Robert wants to do things differently this time.

“Rob has told Kristen that he’s not the same guy he was before they split. He wants his own space and won’t answer to her or do what she wants anymore,” a source told British magazine Heat. “The truth is that Rob and Kristen aren’t inseparable like they once were. He’s been more distant with her and it’s sending a clear signal that he’s not the besotted boyfriend that she wants.”

According to insiders, Kristen called the shots when she first started dating Robert. However, since her infidelity, Robert is determined to have more independence and is spending more time with his friends.

“When he first got together with Kristen he would always choose to spend time with her over his guy friends. But at a club recently he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off the sexy burlesque dancers, and was loving being out with the guys and drinking,” a source explained.

“Rob is doing his best to set boundaries with Kristen this time, in case things don’t work out. He sees their time apart as a blessing, as it’s breathing time out of the relationship to think things through. While he does that, he’s going to have a good time with his friends, and stay focused on his career.”

Robert is hopeful he can save his romance with Kristen. He believes they can make things work if they follow a few simple rules.

“He still loves her, but he’s letting her know that getting back to the way they were isn’t going to be easy,” the source added.

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