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Robert Pattinson 'told to skip house hunt'

Robert Pattinson’s pals have reportedly suggested he and Kristen Stewart should see a therapist.

The actor was reportedly shaken last week when speculation arose that his on-off girlfriend had been spotted with a man resembling Rupert Sanders. Their relationship hit the rocks last year when Kristen admitted having an affair with the married director. Those close to Robert are now urging him not to rush into anything too serious.

“I think they now need to take things slow and possibly get some counselling before moving forward again. They were recently talking about buying a place together in Malibu, but they should now put that on the back burner,” the pal told British magazine Look. “I’m sure Kristen was upset by the idea that Rob doesn’t trust her, but she’s always said she’d do anything to get them back to where they were before Rupert came along.”

Kristen has been seen climbing into the passenger side of a car that looked very similar to a vehicle owned by Rupert in Los Angeles last week. The driver also looked like Rupert, but it was later revealed that the man was in fact a valet.

It has been claimed the latest speculation has rocked Robert and made him question if he is completely over her infidelity.

“Rob must have thought the worst,” the insider added. “It wasn’t until a mutual friend turned up at his hotel and explained the man was just a valet driver, dropping off Kristen’s friend’s car at Malo restaurant, that he calmed down.”

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