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Robin Wright on Cards family

Robin Wright treasures her time directing on House of Cards.

The blonde actress has landed her most lauded role to date as Claire Underwood in the hit Netflix series, wife of politician Frank (Kevin Spacey).

The third series is now available to watch and as well as being in front of the camera, Robin has tried her hand at directing again after previously helming some episodes in the second season. It's a position which the star is growing to love thanks to those around her offering a helping hand.

"I couldn't have been in a better home. I had a family. I had people that cared. You know, I'm a novice," she smiled to Empire magazine. "Obviously I'd been watching for almost 30 years in the industry, I couldn't say I had no idea what I was doing, but to actually be deposited in the director's chair and collaborating with the different departments, that was the most treasured time."

Robin explained that fans can expect to see a more "sensitive, vulnerable and raw side" of Claire this time around rather than a figure who is simply viewed as ruthless and cunning.

There's a great deal of collaborating between the two leads and sometimes there will be spontaneous changes before filming to help give the scenes more oomph.

"Kevin might come in and we'll be rehearsing and talking about a scene that we're going to shoot that day and while in the discussion together someone will say, 'Wait a minute. Why don't we take a sharp left turn and go there and forget about the scene and its meaning here today?'" she added. "And we'll sit and rewrite that for a moment. Because we've already altered it for something we want that we think is bigger and better down the line."

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