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Robin Wright: Women need a revolution

Robin Wright has called for a female Che Guevara to fight for women's rights.

The 49-year-old actress has dazzled on the small screen as First Lady Claire Underwood in Netflix series House of Cards alongside Kevin Spacey. It's a role that's seen her win a Golden Globe and earn countless other award nominations.

Despite her success portraying the US President's powerful spouse, Robin still believes the industry is a man's world.

“We need a revolution, we really do. Thank God gender equality is finally being talked about and making news, but we need a female Che Guevara," she told Britain's ES magazine, referring to the late revolutionary.

“It is a man’s world. Most industries are a man’s world. But when you break it down, it’s women [who do the work]. But they don’t necessarily get the credit.

“If a great role comes along that is exciting and has some substance, or is far outside the box for me, I’ll definitely take it. But to play the pained wife again? I’m done.”

Claire may be fierce and determined, but it's always her husband Frank (Spacey) who has the last say in the political drama.

Although Robin is a strong believer in feminism she does accept that there are biological differences between males and females and that both have their own strengths.

Robin has put her beliefs into action and gone behind the camera for House of Cards. She directed several episodes during the first three series and is set to helm four in the next season.

“You think, ‘Yeah, I want to, but I could never.’ And that’s just fear. And a lot of that, I think, was being a female in this industry," she explained. “I was programmed into thinking: ‘I am going to be lesser; they [men] are going to think that I am lesser.’"

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