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Saturday 19 April 2014

Robinson dances to childhood music

Patrick Robinson listened to Nat King Cole as a child

Patrick Robinson has been stepping back in time to memories of his childhood as he rehearses to Nat King Cole for this week's Strictly Come Dancing.

The 49-year-old Casualty actor and partner Anya Garnis are dancing the foxtrot to Let There Be Love on Saturday night's show - a song that holds special significance for Patrick.

"I remember Sunday morning was always my dad singing Nat King Cole, from when I was seven onwards. It was glorious and brought a warm feeling throughout the house," he recalled.

"I try to recreate it with my own children, the passing of good music is something I'd like to introduce to them.

"My dad spends his time in Jamaica so I don't see him that often, but we keep in touch. He would be proud to see me dancing to Nat King Cole."

Last week Patrick found himself struck by nerves and dance partner Anya believes his connection to this song will help boost his confidence.

She revealed: "It always helps when you love the song. There's a light within. It's the most enthusiastic I've ever seen him. He loves the song so much, every time he hears it he puts in 150 per cent.

"This song means a lot to Patrick. I hope he can put his nerves to the side."

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