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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Rock star makeover for Corrie stars

Bet Lynch has makeover by designers behind dozens of hit albums
Bet Lynch has makeover by designers behind dozens of hit albums

Coronation Street legends have been given the rock star treatment with a colourful makeover by designers behind dozens of hit albums.

The images of favourites such as Bet Lynch and Hilda Ogden have been created to mark the show's 50th anniversary next month.

Manchester-based design team Central Station has created numerous familiar album covers, including many for the Factory Records label and many of the leading bands from the "Madchester" scene.

Among them are the vibrant image of I'm A Celebrity star Shaun Ryder on the sleeve of Happy Mondays album Bummed and the picture of Carlos The Jackal on the cover of Black Grape's album It's Great When You're Straight Yeah.

Central Station designers have also worked on pictures of Ken Barlow - played by William Roache - and Elsie Tanner (the late Pat Phoenix), as well as Bet (Julie Goodyear) and Hilda (Jean Alexander).

The works will be displayed at an exhibition which opens on December 2 at the Richard Goodall Gallery in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It will be open until January 15.

ITV licensing manager Denise Penn said: "Central Station first approached us with their idea in June 2009 - the appeal was immediate and ITV relished the chance to celebrate Coronation Street's heritage with the team's incredible contemporary art."

A spokesman for Central Station said: "It has been brilliant to put our stamp on the national treasure that is Corrie and be a part of celebrating what Tony Warren started 50 years ago."

The programme celebrates its 50th anniversary on December 9.

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