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Rodriguez’s ‘impulsive’ personality

Michelle Rodriguez’s pals don't know what she'll do next, according to a new report.

The actress and former High School Musical star Zac Efron have been the most talked about Hollywood couple in recent days, after they were spotted kissing on vacation in Sardinia last weekend.

But UK newspaper The Sun reports Michelle’s pals can’t tell if she’s serious about the actor or if rumours are true she’s just trying to get back at her ex, British model Cara Delevingne, because she’s simply so unpredictable.

“Michelle is a very impulsive woman,” a source told the outlet.

Previous reports have suggested Michelle and Zac are just enjoying a fling.

But The Sun insists that may not be the case, noting a 2010 interview in which the 35-year-old star discussed her desire to settle down and start a family.

“I just stopped smoking so I am preparing myself. I am definitely preparing – anyone who hits 30 thinks about what to do in order to have a child,” she told RadarOnline at the time.

“I would like two kids but I think adoption is a great idea. I am not reading the future but preparing my options.”

A source told The Sun it’s still hard to tell what Michelle will do next regardless of her motives.

According to the insider, a family may very well be in her future.

“If she gets it into her head that she wants a baby then she will make that happen,” the source added.

A spokesperson for the star had not commented on the claims at press time.

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