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Rogen: Efron is workout king

Seth Rogen can't believe how many push-ups Zac Efron would do on the Neighbors set.

The two actors appear alongside each other Neighbors, which is about a young couple with a baby who struggle to live next to a loud frat house.

Seth, 31, and 26-year-old Zac got along well, although Seth was always aware of their differences.

"He would work out a lot on set. I wouldn’t hang out with him that much - I’m 30 years older than he is," Seth joked to "But I was amazed at how much he would do push-ups. If I was him I would not be doing push-ups, which is why he looks like he does and I look how I do."

Earlier this year Seth and his friend James Franco hit the headlines when they parodied Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Bound 2 video. The promo sees Kanye driving a motorbike with a topless Kim also on board. The bike jumps around as the pair look passionately at each other, and Seth and James' spoof was a worldwide smash.

"[Kanye] called and yeah, I’ve seen him a few times since they came out and he thinks they’re pretty funny. Thank God," Seth giggled.

Not content with poking fun at the couple once, the men also recreated the rapper and reality star's sultry US Vogue cover. Kim and Kanye are getting married in France on May 24, but the actors have no plans to spoof their wedding photos with Seth insisting the jokes has to end at some point.

It's not the first time Seth has praised Zac's chiselled good looks. During a recent appearance on a US talk show he joked that he was so blown away with the younger star's muscles a script re-write had to take place.

"We had to keep writing into the scenes that I would touch his body, because I would look at it and just want to reach out and touch it, as though it was a mirage of some sort," he said.

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