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Rogen, Franco slam Sony hack

Seth Rogen and James Franco have slammed the Sony hack, arguing it’s “f**ked up” the media is “profiting” from it.

The pair of actors star in The Interview, a movie that was demanded to be pulled from the studio’s slate amid the recent hacker scandals. Now they’ve spoken out about the controversy, which they believe is “f**ked up”.

"The fact that I'm talking about this is f**king weird. It's stolen information,” Seth said of the personal emails exposed recently. “I think it is f**ked up that anyone's talking about it and I'm OK talking about my sh*t because I don't care that much and the stuff that was stolen from me. On the grand scale it is not that bad, but it is f**king stolen!"

Some hypothesize that North Korea is responsible for the hack, because The Interview is about a couple of tabloid reporters who wind up being recruited by the CIA to assassinate dictator Kim Jong-un. But Seth isn’t so sure the country could have pulled it off.

"No one has definitely told us that North Korea is who did that,” he confirmed. “One day I'm like, 'It's f**king for sure them,' the next day, I'm like, 'There's no way it’s them.' It seems, I dunno, too savvy or something like that… It could just be a hacker group.”

But both Seth and James think it’s problematic that the media continues to report on the scandal. In their opinion, the media is unfairly profiting from the stolen information.

"Why can they pull the movies? They stole movies. Sony was legally able to pull those down, but they can't legally say [don't dispense this information]," James explained.

Seth went on to add that if it wasn’t for news articles on the Sony hack, nobody would know about it. According to him, this is just as bad as the original theft.

"It is stolen information that media outlets are directly profiting from… they are literally re-selling stolen sh*t. It's not like they are not profiting from it! It's click-bait, it's salacious material… I think it is f**ked up. I can't believe that!"

The star concluded by defending the offensive emails that have surfaced between Sony executives, arguing their “private correspondence” doesn’t “affect you at all”.

The Interview is still set for release on December 25.

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