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Rogen ‘not suing Sony’

Seth Rogen is said to be disinterested in bringing a lawsuit against Sony Entertainment for not releasing his movie, The Interview.

The 32-year-old Canadian funnyman’s new comedy The Interview was initially scheduled to reach American theatres December 17, but Sony announced this week it will never release the film due to threats of attack on moviegoers from cyber terrorists.

Page Six reports Seth’s publicist Matt Labov insisted the actor won’t be suing the entertainment conglomerate for millions of dollars he might have lost after writing, directing and starring in the picture opposite James Franco.

When the outlet asked Matt how Seth feels in the wake of this controversy, the publicist responded: “How would you feel?”

Hackers have been releasing stolen emails on the Internet written by high-level executives from Sony for about a month now. A US government source told Reuters Wednesday officials believe North Korea was behind the cyber terrorism, and on the same day Sony told the public they will not release their new movie The Interview, which is a comedy involving North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

President Barack Obama said he thinks Sony Entertainment’s decision was “a mistake” during a year-end press conference on Friday.

The company has been criticised by others for setting a bad cyber terrorism precedent. Critics claim Sony’s action sullies the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects freedom of speech.

But the media conglomerate disagrees.

“Sony Pictures Entertainment is and always has been strongly committed to the First Amendment. For more than three weeks, despite brutal intrusions into our company and our employees’ personal lives, we maintained our focus on one goal: getting the film The Interview released. Free expression should never be suppressed by threats and extortion,” the studio wrote in a press statement released to Just Jared on Friday.

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