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Friday 24 October 2014

Rolf wowed by his new animal show

Rolf Harris was fascinated to see the operations on large animals like horses

Rolf Harris has spoken of his amazement at watching horses get operated on in his new show Rolf's Animal Clinic.

The veteran broadcaster - who presented hit series Animal Hospital for 10 years until 2004 - presents the new show on Channel 5 from the University of Liverpool's Vet School, following staff as they deal with the injuries and illnesses of pets, livestock and exotic zoo animals.

Rolf revealed: "The thing that fascinated me was to see all the big operations on horses. In Animal Hospital it was mainly domestic pets, so to see these big animals and the problems that occur when you have a huge animal like a horse.

"It's incredible to see what they have to do anaesthetise the horse, turn it over on its back with its four legs in the air and support those legs. They've got the horse on the operating table and then after the operation get the horse back on its feet.

"And that's some task as well, because when a horse comes round from being unconscious and it doesn't know what the hell is happening to it it will lash out with every portion of its being to protect itself.

"So you've got to be bloody sure you're out of the way of the feet!"

Rolf is delighted to working on an animal show again.

He said: "I'm doing it because I would love to be involved in this sort of show but I can't afford to spend the amount of time that I did in the 19 series of Animal Hospital.

"It's not a hands-on situation as Animal Hospital was, but it's a chance to be associated in some way with the expertise of these men and women."

::Rolf's Animal Clinic beings on Channel 5 at 8pm on Tuesday October 23 2012

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