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Monday 21 April 2014

Romola's predictions for new Hour

Romola Garai thinks the new series of The Hour will be exciting

Romola Garai has revealed what she thinks might be in store for the next series of The Hour.

The actress, who plays a young TV producer in the BBC drama, will be slipping back into 50s costume next month to start filming.

Romola revealed at the BFI London Film Festival: "That will be coming out next year. It will feature Sputnik possibly and maybe the Notting Hill riots.

"It'll be about a year further on in time with a whole load of new exciting developments on a world stage. And more nice dresses."

Romola also stars in gritty new film Junkhearts, and is known for depicting serious characters in movies such as Atonement and One Day. But she admitted she's keen to try more comedic roles.

"I'd love to do comedy but I think it is difficult - you should take it as a compliment that if you get a certain type of role, people want you to do it again. I'm so happy with my career and so thrilled to be doing this that I really can't bring myself to want to do other things," she said.

"Also I think versatility is important because it means you can be a master of a lot of things but it can also mean that you never really master anything. So I try and just be very grateful for the work that I get."

The actress quipped: "I'd be more worried if I was getting typecast as some kind of skanky girl in a bikini in the background."

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