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Ronson’s album tribute to Winehouse

Mark Ronson wishes Amy Winehouse was “still here” in a new Instagram post.

The DJ and producer worked closely with the British singer on her album Back to Black in 2006. Amy sadly passed away in 2011 from alcohol poisoning but despite the years passing, the 39-year-old has never forgotten their friendship, as he makes clear in the dedication section of his new album.

“For some reason, the dedication section was left off my album printing. I'm sure they'll fix it for the future, but for public record… This album is dedicated to the memory of Teenie Hodges and DJ Mehdi,” he wrote on a piece of paper which he then photographed and uploaded to his Instagram account. “And to Amy Winehouse – although I wish you were still here, I'm always thinking of you, inspired by you and your music lives on in myself and everyone who ever felt it. Love, Mark.”

Mark is gearing up for the release of his new record, Uptown Special, which includes the hit single Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars.

His dedication also references Teenie Hodges, a top US musician who passed away in summer 2014, and DJ Mehdi, a French hip-hip and house producer who died shortly after Amy in 2011.

Uptown Funk saw Mark secure the Number One spot in his own right for the first time, and he recently admitted he had worked so intensely on the track that his computer crashed.

“I worked so hard. It had to be the first single because I'm most excited about it out of anything I've ever done,” he said, as reported by the MailOnline. “I was in the studio, playing the guitar. We heard this sizzling and suddenly the computer screen explodes.”

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