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Rooney Mara: I’m no uptown girl

Rooney Mara prefers to live in downtown New York as opposed to the classy uptown area.

The 28-year-old actress enjoys being surrounded by artistic people and always opts to stay in the downtown area of the cities she travels to.

The New York native even has specific rules about where she will hang out in the Big Apple.

"I always prefer to live downtown,” she told E! News. “I feel like downtown more just stands for where the artists are. When I'm living in New York, I try never to go uptown… above 24th street."

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress is younger sister to House of Cards star Kate Mara, 30.

Since finding fame with her sibling she hasn’t felt the pressure to impress her peers with her appearance when attending showbiz bashes.

"You come out here to be judged," Rooney confessed. "That's sort of what it is. But you just have to try not to think about it.

“I always want to feel like myself. I always want to feel comfortable. You know, if people don't like it then that's OK."

Rooney has only just re-emerged in the spotlight to promote new film Her, co-starring Joaquin Phoenix.

She claims she hasn’t worked since last November so she can get a sense of normalcy, but now after a lengthy break she’s ready to get back on set.

“Well, I did four movies in a row. I did Side Effects. Then I did Spike’s movie [Her]. Then I did Terrence Malick’s movie [still untitled]. Then I was like, ‘Oh my God. I’m never working again,’” she said to CinemaBlend.

“And that’s a long, hat was a long time to take off for me. Now, I’m working in September, but I only just now feel ready to work.”

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