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Rosamund Pike: Movie made me groggy

Rosamund Pike felt "stuck" in her character from Gone Girl after filming had finished.

The 35-year-old actress can next be seen on the big screen as Amy in the greatly anticipated film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl. It co-stars Ben Affleck as her husband Nick, who has the media's attention on him following his wife's disappearance.

After taking on such an emotionally exhausting role Rosamund found it difficult to move on, even after a holiday with her boyfriend Robie Uniacke and their two-year-old son Solo.

"I went to Hawaii on holiday straight afterwards but I think it was more for my partner and son than for me," she explained to Total Film magazine.

"I don't think I could really relax until then; I was still stuck in Amy. It's not something I've experienced before. It feels like being hungover. You're groggy, you're out of sorts and your brain feels fuzzy.

"And then just when I think I've left her behind, I see the movie and it's like, 'OK, now I'm back...'"

Last month it was announced Rosamund is expecting her second child with Robie, who she has been dating since 2009. The blonde beauty is looking forward to a much deserved break.

"It's hard to know how to follow Gone Girl, so it's quite nice to have a sort of necessary pause," she smiled. "Another baby means I'm sort of booked up for the rest of the year..."

Rosamund has been lucky with her career since graduating from Wadham College, Oxford, in 2001 with a degree in English Literature. Shortly after finishing she was debating a job in a book shop when she was offered the role of a Bond Girl in Die Another Day.

"I don't feel like it has shot by at all. In some ways I think working a lot does the opposite," she laughed. "When you fill your time with such rich material it feels like time is slowing down."

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