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Rosario Dawson: Chris was my Rock

Rosario Dawson felt like an animal on a safari while shooting her new movie, Top Five.

The 35-year-old actress stars in the comedian's upcoming film Top Five, playing journalist Chelsea Brown. Chris, who is also the lead Andre Allen, wrote the part with Rosario in mind, but she didn't accept the offer straight away due to her difficult circumstances.

"My grandmother passed two years earlier and I had just done so many other projects all over the place," she explained on The Late Show with Seth Meyers last night about why she initially didn't want to get involved.

"I did Trance, I did Sin City, I did [Cesar] Chavez, I did Gimme Shelter; I worked and worked and worked and I just didn’t have time to mourn. And I really love my grandmother... I needed to sit and be with my family.

"My brother read the script and said, 'Rosario, you’re shooting in New York – you’ll be with family and friends and he’s your friend so talk to him.'"

And with that encouragement Rosario jumped on board, eventually discovering that shooting had a cathartic effect.

It was a project made even more amusing by those passing by the set in the Big Apple and craning their necks to get a glimpse of the film stars.

"The bus that goes through [near the set], the double decker buses for tourists, they clearly walkie each other cos one went by, saw us there, and then was like, 'Oh my God Chris Rock's making a movie here!'" she recalled. "So then like bus after bus after bus kept coming by with like a megaphone being like, 'And to your right, Chris Rock.' It was like a safari; animals spotted on a safari like, go to that tree! It was so ridiculous. We were like, ‘You know we are trying to film a movie here!’"

Fans flocked to the location and made sure to make the raven-haired beauty aware of their presence.

"When I'm trying to film in my neighbourhood they're like, 'Yo what up Rosario!'" she laughed.

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