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Rosario Dawson: Prince is phenomenal

Rosario Dawson has recalled how "insane" it was to meet Prince.

The American actress was approached by the legendary musician when she was 19 after making a name for herself in projects such as controversial 1995 flick Kids. She's remained close friends with him ever since, despite an embarrassing first encounter.

"He's amazing, he's phenomenal, he's the best. He called me when I was 19 years old and he said, 'You're the voice of a generation, I want you to do a monologue in my 1999 remix album.' I was like, 'Yes!' What do you say to that? You say yes! I don't necessarily agree with that but I was like, 'Yes!'" she recalled to James Corden on The Late Late Show.

She was invited to visit Prince's famous Paisley Park Studios to lay down her vocals, though she can't reveal what it was like as she had to sign a disclosure agreement. Things got off to a good start straight away as Rosario was overwhelmed by her ride to the spot.

"It was so insane... But I have to say, I remember his limo came to pick me up and take me to his place, and it had a white shag carpet," she recalled. "I crawled all the way around it 'cause I was like, investigating. I closed the thing between me and the driver, and when I came out of course I was covered head to toe in white fuzz. I was like, 'Hi, nice to meet you Prince.'"

From here Rosario made other musical appearances, such as featuring in the video for The Chemical Brothers' track Out of Control along with speaking in OutKast's song She Lives In My Lap.

But Rosario has truly found her calling in the world of acting, currently starring in Netflix series Daredevil. Based on the Marvel comic, the star was quick to accept the job.

"That was actually one of the things that totally drew me to it. I just loved the fact that when you're playing with Marvel you're playing with the Marvel Universe and that means anything could happen. That's very exciting," she recently told

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