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Rose Byrne: Glenn is a goofball

Rose Byrne says her Damages co-star Glenn Close is “eccentric”.

The pair starred in US TV show Damages, which saw Glenn play a ruthless lawyer and Rose her protégée. Although Glenn was convincing in the role of a high-powered career woman, Rose insists she was far more laidback in real life.

“Glenn is so sweet. She’s really goofy and kooky,” Rose told Manhattan magazine. “She’s a character, a real card. She’s more eccentric than you’d think.”

Rose has enjoyed considerable career success, appearing in movies such as the hit comedy Bridesmaids. One of her first tastes of Hollywood saw her share a topless love scene with Brad Pitt in Troy. To commemorate the steamy sequence, 66-year-old Glenn had images from the film printed and posted in the make-up room of Damages.

Rose is clearly comfortable with her body, and poses topless with a baby pink scarf around her neck as she stares knowingly into the camera for a photoshoot to accompany her Manhattan interview.

Despite oozing confidence on the big screen, Rose insists she wasn’t always so self-assured growing up.

The 33-year-old brunette claims she was far more introverted as a child.

“I was very, very shy when I was little. Acting lets you access all those different parts of yourself to make the character authentic,” she explained.

Rose is proud of her Australian roots, but is now happily settled in the US.

“Australia is my emotional home, but New York is my second home,” she added. “I feel like myself in the city, and that’s all you want from a place. It’s an achievement to have found that. But we Australians are wandering people, aren’t we?”

Rose can next be seen in comedy The Internship alongside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

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