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Rose Byrne grateful for success story

Rose Byrne had fun exploring the psychotic nature and outlandish fashion taste of her Spy character.

The Australian actress has become a leading figure in funny films, despite starting off her career in much more serious roles.

Four years after making Bridesmaids with director Paul Feig, Rose has joined forces with the filmmaker once again for Spy.

"It helps you see how far you've come, from living on unemployment in LA in my early 20s until now. And it's a great way to do that to yourself and help you to be grateful to be working. It's really important," Rose told Details of her career over the past few years.

"But for my life, every day is still every day. It accumulates slowly in that sense. It's just you looking at yourself in the mirror, if you know what I mean? So it's a strange thing to quantify. This business is such a forgetful and unforgiving one, so I'm always a true sceptic about any grandiose statements about my career."

Spy sees Melissa McCarthy, another Bridesmaids alumni who has seen her career soar, take on the lead role of Susan Cooper in the spoof sleuth flick.

Rose plays villainous Rayna Boyanov, and her comedic timing gets some of the films biggest laughs. The 35-year-old was wary of labelling her character a baddie but with Paul's help, Rose fully embraced Rayna's mean side.

"[Paul and I] met and talked and rehearsed. He's a true eccentric: He has a cane and wears a top hat. So he loves all those details - and particularly with women and with someone like Rayna, where fashion is very much a language to her and part of her character.

"She has this incredibly outlandish taste, quite bad taste. It was really a fun thing to explore. And her character, she's quite psychotic, really," Rose explained.

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