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Sunday 20 April 2014

Rose Byrne: I found romance icky

EDITORIAL USE ONLY / NO MERCHANDISING Mandatory Credit: Photo by Brian J. Ritchie/Hotsauce / Rex Features (2096930u) Rose Byrne 'The Jonathan Ross Show' TV Programme, London, Britain - 26 Jan 2013

Rose Byrne worries she is often too "practical" when it comes to romance.

The 33-year-old actress doesn't like to be too open about her private life, but is thought to be dating Boardwalk Empire star Bobby Cannavale.

Her desire to keep things personal stems from her younger years, when she found the whole idea of love and relationships embarrassing.

"I was very shy and sensible as a child and pretty much into my 20s,” she told Stylist magazine. “It was the same if boys liked me. I was very quiet and secretive about it and found romance icky. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely tried to appreciate it more and delight in those sorts of things more because they are actually precious and special. I’m trying to soften a bit because I think I can be too… practical... I think it’s nice to be a bit freer."

The star previously dated actor Brendan Cowell and is happy to talk in broad terms about her views on relationships. Although she isn't married she has many friends who are and the majority found the first year of their union difficult.

Rose believes it is important never to take a partner for granted and to work hard at making your loved ones happy. It's a subject she's been thinking about a great deal lately as in her new movie I Give It a Year, Rose plays a newlywed.

"The way a relationship starts is not usually a reflection of how it’s going to go,” she explained. “It can start in romance and end in disaster; it can start in disaster and end in something great. It doesn’t just stop after the wedding. There is always a constant balance between two people.”

Although many actresses fear the ageing process, for Rose things have improved as she has got older. She feels more sure of herself and confident and has started to realise what really makes her happy.

"I think getting older has been a good thing for me. As I’ve gotten into my late 20s and early 30s I’m less shy and able to articulate myself more. It’s been a real joy. I like spending time with my family more. Last year I was home three or four times. That’s been a real priority," she said.

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