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Rose Byrne: Wine makes me happy!

Rose Byrne is used to people telling her she looks miserable at events.

The 35-year-old actress is often lauded for her high-fashion looks at premieres, but she's equally usually told she doesn't look that happy. Over the last year or so that has changed a little, with Rose offering a surprising reason why.

"I’m used to people telling me I was miserable so it's nice to have a change of tune," she told British newspaper The Guardian.

"Maybe I’ve had a few glasses of wine before I got on there, that’s probably it."

When she first became well known Rose was starring in serious offerings, such as TV show Damages. She's now found her way in the world of comedy, including in movies Bridesmaids and Spy. The star loves shooting funny flicks, often finding herself giggling at her co-stars when she's supposed to be working.

"It’s like doing a drama but on top of that you have to get a laugh. It’s scientific, it’s technical and it’s also like lightning in a bottle," she said.

“I could never do stand-up – my comedy comes from character stuff, not necessarily from jokes.”

Rose has ditched her serious side completely though. She is outspoken about sexism in film, and fully backs a drive by the American Civil Liberties Union for gender discrimination to be properly investigated.

"It’s not being put down to good old-fashioned misogyny, it’s actually [asking] why is this quietly tolerated? Why has this been a silent agreement for the last however many years," she explained.

“This is discrimination. And that’s illegal. It’s very interesting, long overdue and quite frankly exciting to see it being taken as seriously as it should be.”

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