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Rose McGowan: Acting was only a job

Rose McGowan has never felt an immense draw to acting in the way others do.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Rose McGowan doesn’t have the best relationship with “the world of acting”.

This week (beg21Sep15) the 42-year-old star released her first music, a track called RM486. The song came with an arty video some have called disturbing – in features her as several characters, including an alien. She was also quoted as saying she “hated” acting which was why she was taking a new path, and Rose has now cleared up what she meant.

“Hated acting is strong, certainly. For me, it was just going to a job that I happened to be good at, that I know how to do. It takes a lot out of me, acting, and I didn’t like what I was getting in return. There are people that it’s their calling and I so respect that and it is an art form unparalleled, but I was discovered, so I couldn’t have the same relationship with acting I don’t think that a lot of people do,” she told Billboard. “It’s not about hating acting - I really do hate the world of it.”

Rose opened up about the title of her song too. The first part refers to her initials while the number is linked to “a controversial abortion drug”. The star decided to go with this as she wants to open up a debate about women’s rights, plus it matched the theme of the track.

“I can also use it as something that sounds really outer space, which matches the tone of the music very well,” she explained. “Something I’ve always felt in public, they put a number on you and I reject that number. So, I decided to put one on myself - take back the power of it."

Next up the actress-turned-musician will be releasing something slower, as she wants to show she has range. Calling it the “ultimate breakup song”, Rose says it is haunting and raw.

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