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Rose McGowan: I prize freedom

Rose McGowan would rather busy herself with life activities that are completely unrelated to work.

The 40-year-old Rise of the Lonestar ranger actress has had an illustrious year spanning over 20 years.

And after being in the industry for decades, Rose is no longer preoccupied by professional obligations.

“I really prize my freedom more than work,” she told Collider.

“I prize just being human and doing other things.”

Rose released her directorial debut Dawn in January, a short comedy about female interaction in the entertainment world.

While the film is satirical, the star previously spoke about how Dawn directly addresses the rampant sexism in Hollywood.

“It’s a commentary on how women treat other women,” she told Fox News.

“Women don’t help other women in this industry; it sucks because men don’t help women either. I would love to change that somehow. That would be magical.”

Rose certainly felt empowered by the project, as helming a film pushed her out of the comfort zone.

The Charmed star also realised while shooting Dawn just how great an actress she actually is.

“I’m a very secure person. I know I’m a good actress, I’m solid,” she said to Fox.

“But I think as a director, you can create a world rather than just be in a world. And who doesn’t want to create a world?”

Rose has a number of other exciting projects coming up this year, as she will next be seen in The Tell-Tale Heart, a thriller based on the works of late author Edgar Allan Poe. Her western The Last Duane is slated to reach theatres in November.

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