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Rosie: Fame is toxic for Miley

Rosie O’Donnell worries about Miley Cyrus’ life in the spotlight.

The outspoken 51-year-old American comedienne is worried over the Wrecking Ball singer’s future.

Rosie revealed to Access Hollywood that she isn’t sure whether Miley is emotionally equipped to deal with being a celebrity.

“Fame is a toxic and lethal drug and most adults can’t handle it,” she told the outlet.

“Now, give it to a child and they’re going to have some turbulent adolescent years and 20 years old, to me, she’s still a kid. She’s not even legal [to drink alcohol in America] yet.”

Miley has remained the subject of international headlines since her outrageous twerk performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs in August.

Access Hollywood informed Rosie that Simon Cowell recently dubbed Miley a “marketing genius”, but she disagrees with the music mogul.

“That probably is what Simon Cowell thinks… I worry more about her longevity in terms of health and happiness than whether or not she’s the flavour of the week,” Rosie said.

Ultimately though, Rosie is rooting for celebrities and she expressed her wish that the media should cut them some slack.

“[Miley’s] still very young and to grow up in the spotlight is difficult… everybody needs to cut her a little bit of a break and somebody who’s close to her and loves her needs to hold her tight and whisper in her ear that the rough waves will soon pass,” she told the website previously.

“She’s going to grow up, she’s got a little bit of a heartbreak from what I heard or read or seen… but I just wish the best for her, like all of the young ones.”

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