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Rosie O'Donnell feuding with Oprah?

Rosie O'Donnell and Oprah Winfrey are reportedly not on speaking terms after the media mogul cancelled The Rosie Show.

Oprah made the announcement on Friday and thanked Rosie and the team "from the bottom of my heart" for all of their work.

But RadarOnline claims that Rosie was upset with the wording of the statement that Oprah released because she felt the blame was placed on her for the failure of the show.

"Oprah wanted to handle the announcement of the cancellation in a professional and dignified manner," a source told the site adding that the pair had a "very strained conversation."

"Rosie thanked Oprah for the opportunity and ended the conversation very abruptly. OWN's public relations team and Rosie's publicist handled the language in the press release.

"Rosie didn't like the initial language of the press release because she felt that it placed sole responsibility of the failure of the show on her. Oprah didn't need to get Rosie's input or approval for the press release, but she was trying to be gracious. Up until the moment that the press release was sent out, Rosie wanted changes made, but Oprah instructed the release to go out, because it needed to go out, and she was just over the drama."

During the discussions, OWN's pr team reportedly got a call from Rosie's camp saying what she wanted in the statement but Oprah was determined to have the "final say."

"Oprah told her staff to have Rosie call her directly to address her concerns. Rosie never called Oprah. She was having her people do all the dirty work for her," the insider added.

Meanwhile, Rosie's long running feud with business mogul and television personality Donald Trump has again escalated after he made a disparaging comment about the demise of her talk show.

"Rosie O'Donnell has failed again," The Apprentice judge wrote on his Twitter page. "Her ratings were abysmal and Oprah cancelled her on Friday night."

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