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Rosie O’Donnell’s father dies

Rosie O’Donnell has suffered tremendously in the past week, having finally been reunited with her missing daughter in addition to her dad passing away.

The 53-year-old actress has not had an easy week in terms of family affairs, as her 17-year-old daughter Chelsea went missing before being discovered by police last Tuesday.

And on Sunday Us Weekly confirmed Rosie’s dad Edward Joseph O'Donnell died of cancer at 81 years old.

Edward served as an aerospace electrical engineer, having spent much of his career working for Fairchild, Schlumberger and Grumman. He had five children with Rosie’s mum Roseann Teresa, who unfortunately died from breast cancer in 1973, when the comedienne was just ten years old.

Rosie gave a tribute to her late father on Sunday via Twitter, posting a collage online which included a wedding day snap of Edward and her mother Roseann looking loved up in their nuptial attire.

"through him - with him - in him … (sic),” she tweeted alongside the image.

Rosie previously confessed the relationship she had with her father got tough after mother Roseann passed.

But after many years, the Sleepless in Seattle star eventually learned to forgive and forget.

"He had his own issues and demons, he had a very tough childhood, he had an alcoholic, abusive father and never really got the help that I think every person needs when they have lived through that as a child," she told Piers Morgan in the past. "I think that he had a lot of problems to deal with. You get to be 50 years old you can’t still be angry at what your father did in 1970. You have to work it out for yourself and find a place for it in your life and not rehash it forever.”

Within the past week Rosie also had to deal with mentally ill teenage daughter Chelsea running away.

Fortunately she was found safe and unharmed by cops last Tuesday in the New Jersey home of Stephen Sheerer, an alleged heroin addict. Sheerer was arrested a few days later, facing communication of obscenity and child endangerment charges.

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