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Rossum’s sickening scene

Emmy Rossum had to “load up” on chicken and rice soup to fake throwing up on camera.

The 27-year-old actress plays Fiona Gallagher in the hit US dramedy about a family of six siblings struggling to cope with their alcoholic father.

Emmy logged on to Twitter to answer fans’ questions live as the show aired on Sunday, and revealed she might puke at the sight of chicken and rice soup after one sickening scene.

“That car scene was shot in 15 degrees somewhere in Wisconsin last month. The vomit was actually Wolfgang puck Chicken Rice soup. #shameless,” she tweeted.

“Our director kept telling me to 'load up more' on the soup/vomit between takes. I never want to taste chicken rice soup again. #Shameless,” she revealed.

Emmy has spoken in the past about how careful she is about what she puts into her body on a daily basis.

According to the actress, whose character has started dabbling in drugs, even the cocaine substitute they use on the show isn’t something she’s keen on having in her system.

“[The milk powder is] going somewhere into your brain cavity,” she previously told CBS. “It's not good. I told them [the camera crew] they could have two takes per nostril and that was it. I was putting a limit on it.”

The actress also insisted she’s never touched a drug in her life. She credits her zero tolerance views to her mother.

“[My mum is] very old-fashioned about ethics and drugs and alcohol. Weirdly she is very progressive about boys. She never had a thing with me going out on dates, even at 15 or 16,” Emmy shared.

“I would say there was a lot of openness in the house, but no drugs, no alcohol. To this day, I've never done a hard drug. I've never done cocaine, I’ve never done heroin, I've never done ecstasy, which is literally everywhere. It just was never interesting to me,” she said.

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